Amazon Prime Finds

Hey y'all, it's been a while! I can't believe I haven't written a blog post since June. Life has been a little crazy these past six months, and so much has happened. In August I went back to school and started teaching virtually, which has been a challenge. We had so many exciting things going on with our home-build and were so busy trying to get it finished. In mid-November we sold and moved out of our trailer and lived with my sweet MIL for a few weeks until our house was finished. We finally moved into our house on Dec.... and have been trying to make it feel like home. We still have several things to do, but it's getting there. We spent our first Christmas and New Year here and it feels so surreal.

I just wanted to catch y'all up a little bit before jumping right into today's post. I'm sharing some random Amazon Prime finds with y'all from the past few months. We've seriously been priming a little bit of everything lately and these are just a few of my faves.

Amazon Smart Plug - I bought this on Black Friday and seriously need to order like 10 more. This little plug makes things so convenient. We had it plugged up to our Christmas tree and it took away the hassle of having to unplug our tree every time we left the house.  

Amazon Echo Dot - We are obsessed with our echo dot. We use ours mainly to listen to music throughout the day.

Mrs. Mouth's Stain Remover- This is hands  down the best stain remover ever. Kadyn got blackberries all over a new pair of white pjs last week and this literally took the stain right away. The only downside is that the bottles are pretty small. I usually buy the 2-pack.

Makeup Organizer Bags - These cute little bags are perfect for travel. I used mine to store all of my skincare and makeup when we lived with my mother-in-law and they were perfect.

Shark Steam Mop- This bad boy may be my favorite purchase of them all. We bought this so that we could deep clean our floors before moving in, and WOW. You don't realize how dirty your floors really are until you use one of these.

Throw Pillows- The cutest little pom-pom throw pillows. I have 4 in my living room.
Mirror- These are the mirrors we have in our master bathroom. We also have the same ones in Kadyn's bathroom in gold.

Jeep- We got this for Kadyn for Christmas and he is obsessed. He would ride this thing around all day long if we'd let him.

Sink- I got one of these cute little sinks for Kadyn for Christmas and for my nephews birthday. Kadyn got so many toys for Christmas that I put ours away for a "rainy day." I can't wait for him to use it though.

Command Broom Grippers- Not the most exciting thing, but I got these to go in our broom closet to keep things a little more organized.

Kids Place Mats- These are perfect to use when doing crafts or something messy. We've been putting them on the counter and using them while Kadyn plays with playdough.

Drawer Organizers- These are perfect for keeping your kitchen or bathroom drawers organized.
Insulated Kids Cup- I've actually shared this before, but Kadyn loved this cup!

Insulated Cup- I have the same cup in the 24 oz, and have been filling it with water several times a day. I don't know why, but I do better with drink water when I have a straw to drink from.

Spinning Makeup Organizer- This is perfect for keeping our bathroom counter clutter free. It holds all of my everyday products!

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