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Happy Wednesday y'all! It's been forever since I've shared a look at what we've been up to lately. While we've mostly just been hanging out at home, aside from the occasional drive to get some fresh air, or a quick run through the drive thru, I want to make sure that I document this crazy time in our lives and have posts like this to look back on in the future. Since Kadyn has been born, I have not been the best at documenting our day to day lives in this space and that is something that I want to start doing more!

I'm taking it wayyy back to the end of March when we started this whole quarantine process...

Kadyn's 1st birthday was definitely not the birthday that I had been dreaming about and planning for him, but it turned out to be such a sweet day with my little family. It is definitely a birthday that I will never forget, and thankfully he's so little that he won't even remember not getting to have a big party.

We've had lots of rainy and cool days, but we have tried to take advantage of the nice weather we've had. Our daily walks at the beginning helped keep me sane. I've been so thankful to have this guy home with us through this whole process, and am not looking forward to him going back to work.

This little guy LOVES to be outside. I'll be so thankful when the warm weather is here for good and we can spend all of our time outside playing.

At the beginning of April, we broke ground on our forever home. It's been so exciting to see the progress so far.

Kadyn celebrated his 2nd Easter, and it was definitely one we will always remember. We listened to church service online, stayed in our comfy clothes because the weather was yucky, and had a great day as a family. Kadyn was so excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought him this year.

Kadyn had his 1 year check up and he was NOT happy about it. He weighed around 22 pounds and was 31 inches long. 

We've spent every moment possible outside. He loves to swing...

but he loves to play in the dirt even more!

Kadyn is growing and doing new things every single day. One of his favorite things to do right now is ride around the house on his little cow. I really am so thankful for this extra time I've had at home with him.

Just another day outside with my favorite boys. Kadyn is still a mama's  boy, but has become more of a daddy's more too lately since Chase has been home with us.

Spending our day watching our footers being dug and poured. He has loved watching the construction on the house. 

We had our first lake day on May 2nd, and Kadyn absolutely loved it. After spending the day on the lake with our family we went back to my FIL's to grill out for dinner and hangout outside. It felt like summer and has me itching for more days like this one!

Just two sweet cousins living their best life on the lake.

Just stopping by to visit with his pappaw last Saturday.  Daddy pushed him around on his tractor while pappaw grilled out, and he LOVED it.

On Sunday I celebrated my 2nd mothers day. We went for a little drive, grabbed some food from the drive-thru, and visited with my MIL for a bit. I'm SO thankful to be this sweet baby boy's mama.

Did I mention that this kid LOVES playing in the dirt? He played his little heart out while his daddy and I worked on the house.

This past Saturday they finished our foundation! Just a few little things left to do and we will be ready for framing! I still can't believe we are building our forever home. Every little step is so exciting.

Since the days this week have been cool, we've spent our time inside coloring, reading our favorite books, and playing ball.

I just love his sweet little smile.

That's it for today y'all! 

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