What Kadyn Eats in a Day

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! We had a pretty exciting weekend around here- we are building our forever home and finally broke ground yesterday. We had beautiful weather so we spent most of our time outside, which was nice. I have had several questions lately about Kadyn eats in a day, so I decided to go ahead and devote a blog post to sharing a little look at what Kadyn eats on a daily basis. 

I just snapped a few pictures at meal times here and there for this post, but I included a short list under each picture with a few more meals that he has been eating lately.

A typical breakfast for Kadyn looks like this. He will eat a small bowl eggs, along with a pouch of yogurt or some fruit.

His favorite breakfast meals include:
oatmeal (his fave is maple & brown sugar flavor) 
waffles topped with peanut butter (chopped into small pieces)
scrambled eggs

He will eat each of these meals with a side of fruit or yogurt

Kadyn loves to snack and would actually prefer to eat snacks over real food most of the time. He usually has a snack between breakfast and lunch. Lately he has been loving the peanut butter puffs for a snack. I usually try to give him a little bit of baby food or some yogurt during his snack time too.

He loves apple sauce, yogurt, and strawberry snack bars for snack too.

Freeze dried fruit has been something new for him lately (my nephew was eating these and Kadyn tried them and loved them so I've been buying them for a few weeks). He loves freeze dried apples and pears best. He will eat about half the package of apples with a yogurt pouch.

Some other snacks he loves:
Gerber puffs
yogurt bites

Lunches usually include a random array of food for him. Sometimes he will eat leftovers I have cooked from the night before and other times I just throw some random items together. 
On this day he had a jar or chicken and rice baby food (he is getting to a point where he is no longer interested in baby food, but he will eat the baby foods that have meat in them), some leftover yogurt from his morning snack, some peanut butter puffs, and cheetos.

On this day he had some leftover spaghetti, a jar of baby food, and some chopped grapes.

Some other lunches he loves:
mac & cheese (I usually serve with yogurt and/or fruit)
lunch meat torn into small pieces w/ shredded cheese, and fruit
freshly cooked veggies (he loves green beans, peas, carrots, or potatoes)

I usually try to make a few things at dinnertime that he can eat along with us. He eats really well when he knows he is eating the same thing as Chase and I. Sometimes he will eat a meat and veggie baby food jar along with some of the foods I cook for dinner.

Some of his favorite dinners:
spaghetti w/ a side of peas & carrots
mashed potatoes
potato soup
taco soup (we had this a few days ago and I just took the corn  & chicken out  of his bowl and chopped up the beans and tomatoes so that they were small enough for him).
mac & cheese

So far he has not been a picky eater at all, and wants to try all the things. He has gone through a few phases lately where he wants to eat snacks all day, but doesn't want to eat any real food.

I will also be documenting everything he eats today in my stories if you want to follow along!

Hope y'all have the best day!

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