How I Meal Plan

Happy Thursday y'all! Today I'm sharing all the details on how we meal plan. I shared some of our favorite grocery items over on my Insta stories this past Sunday and a lot of y'all said you would like to see a post dedicated to how we meal plan.

I've started meal planning not long after we got married, and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Planing our meals in advance makes weeknights easier (especially during the school year), and saves us money because I only get the items I need to make those specific meals and nothing "extra." I don't do anything groundbreaking or super special, but it works for us!

We go to the grocery every two weeks and always do Kroger's click list. It's just so much more convenient to be able to pick up our groceries vs. having to get Kaydn out and go into the store.

I usually start to think about meals that I want to make the week before we order our groceries. As I think of something, I will just add it to my "notes" in my phone. As I add each meal, I will start a running list underneath of what ingredients we need for those meals. This way, when I go to order my groceries I already know exactly what I need.

I usually only cook about 3 nights a week. Chase works nights so I usually cook enough for him to take a meal for lunch at night and for me to have leftovers for dinner the next night. 

Once I have all six of my meals planned (3 for each week since we go to the grocery every two weeks), I write down what nights I plan to cook each meal. I will usually hang this on the fridge so I can keep track of what I'm cooking each night. If something comes up and I end up not cooking something that I planned, I will just move everything back a day.

Before having Kadyn, I was really good when it came to meal prepping for our lunches too. I would basically do the same thing, making a list in my phone of what I needed for lunches each day and what ingredients I needed to buy. On Sundays I would prep everything and separate into containers for the week. With a baby it is a little harder to meal prep like I used to, which means these days I am all about quick/easy lunches. Here is a little look at what was on last weeks' grocery list for my lunches...

I have been loving the pre-packaged salads at my grocery store. Some of them have enough that I can separate into two or even three meals for my lunch and I always add some of my own fresh veggies. A typical lunch for me lately looks something like this... Salad, sandwich , or a wrap with a side of fruit, pretzels, and carrots with dip. Sometimes I'll take leftovers from dinner the night before too.

Hope y'all have the best Thursday!

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