Easter Dresses

Happy Thursday friends! I want to start out by saying that I know that this past week has been crazy/weird (for lack of better words) for everyone. Last Thursday when we found out that we would be out of school for the next month, I would have never imagined that a week later basically everything around us would be shut down. I have had so many mixed emotions (fear, uncertainty, etc.). Today we made the decision to cancel Kadyn's first birthday party that we had planned for this weekend. If I'm being honest, I'm pretty bummed about it. As a mom, I just feel like that first birthday is so special, and after months of planning I was really looking forward to it. I know that it's just a birthday party, and thankfully Kadyn is so young that he won't even remember, but I just needed to vent to y'all for a minute.

Now on to the Easter Dressses... Last week I did a poll on Instagram asking if y'all would rather see a post with some of my Easter dress finds or swimsuits and the scores were pretty even. I decided to do Easter dresses first, and little did I know all that would happen between then and now.  I know that it's a good possibility that many of us may not be dressing up and heading to church on Easter morning this year. However, even if you don't need an Easter dress this year, all of these would be great options for any Sunday at church, a spring or summer wedding, baby shower, wedding shower, family photos, etc.

A few of my favorites from Red Dress Boutique. Dress number 4 is my absolute favorite, and is what I planned on ordering for my Easter Dress. Even though I probably won't be wearing it on Easter, I may still order it to wear to church throughout the summer. 

I love all of these dresses from the Pink Lily Boutique. These would all be great for church, or any kind of event where you would need to dress up. I think dress number 2 may be my fave out of all of these
 (I love the color of this one), but dress number 5 is a close second. 

Old Navy has a lot of very affordable dress options, and they also have some really cute jumpsuits that I didn't include, but wish I would have.  The Loft dresses are a little pricier, but all are currently on sale. Number 1 is my fave Old Navy option and Number 3 is my favorite from Loft.

I hope y'all have had a great day!

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