Kadyn Months 8-11

I can't believe that as of yesterday, Kadyn is 11 months old. Time really does go by way too fast, but I'm trying my best to soak up every moment. I seriously can't believe that we are just one month away from having a one year old. I've been getting everything planned and ordered for his first birthday and I'm so excited.  I've not done the best job of keeping up with monthly updates, so today I'm squeezing in a few updates from the past three months.

Month 8 was so much fun! Kadyn got to experience all of his first Christmas traditions, including Christmas Eve at Grammy's. His favorite foods are strawberries/bananas, butternut squash, and anything that involves meat. He isn't crawling yet, but is SO close (he will rock back & forth on his hands and knees, but won't take off). Not being able to crawl yet doesn't stop him from getting where he wants to go. He scoots and rolls everywhere. He has discovered our Christmas tree and likes to play with the branches.  He loves to talk, snuggle with mama and daddy, and is always such a happy boy!

Kadyn turned 9 months old on Christmas day. He had the best Christmas. At Kadyn's 9 month appointment he weighed 19 pounds 10 ounces and was 29.5 inches long. He had actually lost a little weight since his previous appointment. He is finally crawling and is into everything. He still loves the same foods as last month, but has started eating some solid foods too. He loves mac & cheese, teething biscuits, peas, carrots, and spaghetti. His favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He is still being breastfed. He started cutting his top 4 teeth all at once and it has been so hard on both him and mama! He talks non-stop, has learned to wave, and is starting to pull up. He is always smiling and laughing! We love our happy boy so much!

At 10 months Kadyn is into EVERYTHING! He is such a busy baby. He's wearing 12-18 month clothes. He is pulling up on furniture, crawling everywhere, into cabinets, etc. He loves his music table, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, reading books, and playing ball & playing peek-a-boo. He says mama (mainly when he is upset or tired) and bye.  Loves playing with his daddy. He loves to wave. He has 6 teeth. He still has the same favorite foods listed above, but has also tried and loves puffs cereal, eggs, and potato soup. He is still being breastfed, and is starting to fight his sleep because he would rather play. He is constantly jabbering and moving his mouth, I have a feeling he is going to be a big talker one day. He always has a smile on his face and loves to laugh.

As of yesterday, he is 11 months old. I snapped these pictures yesterday morning before work. I love that our sweet boy is always so happy, he literally always has a smile on his face and it just makes my heart so happy.  He is growing like crazy, loves to eat, is still being breastfed (we've almost made it to a year!), and is such a busy boy. We can't wait to see what new things he learns this month!

And a few more because I couldn't pick just one. Chase just walked into his bedroom as I was trying to take these pictures and Kadyn just started belly laughing at him. It's the sweetest thing ever. He thinks anything his daddy does is funny.

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