Baby Must Haves

Happy Monday friends!  I hope y'all had the best weekend. After pretty much having all of last week off (with the exception of one day), I am on the struggle bus this morning. I love getting back into our normal routine, but getting up this morning was hard, and leaving my sweet boy was even harder. Today I'm excited to be sharing some baby must haves with you all. I have been thinking about writing this post since Kadyn was just a few weeks old and am so excited to finally have everything put into a post. 

All the items in this post are items that we currently own and use (or have used) and love.

1. Infant Optics Monitor - We registered for this monitor and received it as a gift at our baby shower. We haven't had any problems out of it and we use it daily!

2. Owlet Smart Sock - After Kadyn was in the NICU for low oxygen I knew that once we got home I would be constantly worried about his oxygen levels. My BIL and SIL actually had a smart sock that they had got for their baby, but weren't able to use so they were nice enough to let us borrow it and in my opinion it is a must have. It has given me such a peace of mind, especially as a worried, first-time mama. Kadyn still uses it, and it is something that we will most definitely purchase when we have our next baby since we will be giving this one back to my SIL when he outgrows it.

3. Evenflo Travel System - We have loved this travel system and still use it. Kadyn will need to upgrade to a new carseat soon, but I have love love loved the convenience of being able to just take his car seat out and pop it onto the stroller when we are out and about.

4. Storage Basket - We have several storage baskets that we use to help Kadyn's nursery stay organized. We use them for blankets, toys, as a hamper for dirty clothes, etc.

5. Car Mirror - I'm not sure what I would do without this mirror. When Kadyn was a newborn I would get so worried when I was driving and he wasn't making noise or would cry, but this mirror has made it easy for me to check on him while driving. 

6. Little Remedies Gas Drops - These are a life-saver, especially for mama's of colicky babies!

7. Wipe Warmer - Kadyn hated diaper changes as a newborn (I think because the wipes were so cold on his little bottom). My mama bought this wipe warmer for him and it made diaper changes a little more bearable. We still use and love this.

8. Bourdreaux's Diaper Rash Ointment - This is our favorite diaper rash cream!

9. Infantino Baby Carrier - There have been days when I seriously couldn't do anything unless Kadyn was attached to me, and this carrier was perfect. I used it pretty much daily when Kadyn was a little younger, but still use it from time to time. I used it just last week while walking with him at the park. ( I also had a wrap carrier that I LOVED when he was a newborn, I will link it as well.)

10. Diaper Bag - We love this diaper bag. It has so much space, comes with a changing pad for diaper changes on the go, and has insulated pockets to help keep milk/food cold.

11. Nose Frida - Kadyn has had pretty bad allergies and this has been the only thing that works for us when it comes to clearing out all that yucky snot.

12. Hatch Rest Sound Machine - We have used this every single day since coming home from the hospital, not only does it help Kadyn sleep by drowning out all outside noises, but Chase and I sleep better with it on too.

13. Boppy Newborn Lounger - Kadyn outgrew this at about 4 months, but for those first few months this thing was one of our favorite items. It worked similar to a dok-a-tot or snuggle me for us. He slept on it during supervised naps and I loved that I could literally sit it anywhere (on the couch, on the counter while cooking or doing dishes, etc.).

14. Mesh Bassinet - This bassinet is so roomy that Kadyn could probably still sleep in it. He slept in it until he was about 5 months old and then I ended up putting him in our bed, but we loved it during the time that he used it. It's easy to move from room to room and was perfect during our vacation last summer.

Some other items we use and love are the Safety First Humidifier  , the Infantino Baby Gym, this Newborn Wrap Carrier , and this Portable Changing Pad.


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