Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Sweet Friends! 2020 has started out a little crazy for us. Not only have we been trying to get back into our school routine, but I spent last week getting over the flu. Chasing after a mobile 9 month old while having the flu is no joke. I quickly learned that mama's don't get "sick" days. I'm back to normal now and I've never been more thankful for my health (insert praise hands).

It's been so so long since I linked up for a Friday Favorites post, so I'm extra excited to be linking up with some of my favorite bloggers, Andrea, Erika, and Narci, today. Here is a random assortment of favorite from this week...

This one isn't really a new favorite, but it's one I've never shared before. Coming home after work and changing into my comfies is my absolute favorite. As soon as I walk in the door my work clothes come off, and I throw on a comfy tee with leggings or pajama bottoms. Does anyone else do this?

My pearl headband that I'm wearing in this pic is from Amazon and is another favorite of mine. Linking it here.

Have any of y'all tried this pretzels??? Another blogger actually recommended them and after seeing her talk about them nonstop I decided to see what all the hype was about. They are literally THE best pretzels I've ever had. 
Linking them here.

Before I became a mama I always had time to eat some type of breakfast at home before leaving the house, no problem. However, since having Kadyn it's been one of my biggest struggles every morning.  I had been searching for quick and easy breakfast ideas and found these overnight oats online. I've been eating them this week, and not only are they delicious, but they are EASY. All I have to do is mix a cup of milk with this package, put it in the fridge at night, and then grab it on my way out the door in the mornings.

It's no surprise that my sweet boy made my list of favorites. He said mama for the first time last weekend and has been saying it more and more every day. Hearing him say mama and reach for me just melts my heart.


If you have followed any blogger for any amount of time I'm sure you have heard of shape tape concealer. I actually use Shape Tape foundation and absolutely love it, but had never tried the concealer until recently.  I ordered some new foundation last week and went ahead and ordered the concealer too. It is life changing friends!
Kadyn has been teething, which has meant little to no sleep for me. It covers my dark circles unlike any other product. It's SO good. 
Linking it here.

That's all I have for today! 
Hope y'all have the BEST weekend.

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  1. I might have to try that concealer. I need a good one to cover the dark circles under my eyes. Glad you're feeling better.