2019 Recap

Happy Monday y'all! Today I was supposed to be headed back to work from Christmas Break, but I remembered at about 8 o'clock last night that I had to report to Jury Duty this morning. On the bright side, I got done pretty early and got to spend an extra day with Kadyn before I return to work tomorrow. As much as I dread having to leave my sweet boy, I look forward to seeing my sweet students and getting back into somewhat of a routine. 

2019 was one of our best years. We started the year by preparing for our sweet boy's arrival, welcomed him three weeks early in March, and spent the rest of the year soaking up the sweetest memories with him.

 Here's a look at our year...

January was spent preparing for and checking up on our sweet boy. This was my 28-week bump.

I developed pre-eclampsia towards the end of my pregnancy, which meant we got to see our boy a few extra times.

We started to really make progress on Kadyn's nursery.

My sweet team at school surprised me with a baby shower for our baby boy.

We had our baby shower for family/friends a few weeks later.

By the end of the month clothes had been washed, pictures hung, and bags were packed. We knew I would be delivering him early, we just weren't sure how early so I wanted to be prepared.

We took our maternity photos at the beginning of the month...Something I will cherish forever. 

My bestie and I had our last girls night before baby boys arrival.

And on March 24th, we spent our last night as a family of 2 (plus our Sammie).

On March 25th we were at the hospital bright and early so that I could be induced ( baby boys original due date was on April 15th). 

On March 25th at 12:31 pm Kadyn Thomas Duvall was born. After about an hour with us, he was taken to the nicu. I've never shared pictures from his time in the nicu, at the time I had so many mixed emotions. It was definitely the best, but also some of the scariest days of our lives. After 4 days in the nicu we finally got to take our sweet boy home.

We had our first doctors appointment.

And spent our days soaking up allll of the baby snuggles.

We had our first playdates with cousin Walker.

Celebrated our first Easter.

And turned 1 month old.

In May, I was cleared to start exercising again so we spent many afternoons walking together.

I celebrated my first Mother's Day.

Kadyn and Walker had their first Lake Day together.

Chase celebrated his first Father's Day.

Kadyn finally started to like bath time.

And Kadyn went on his first vacation/beach trip.

He also really started to come out of his shell this month, and has been smiling since.

We celebrated 4th of July on the Lake.

Kadyn turned 4 months old, and had his 4 month appointment.

He went on his second trip to Nashville with mama and her friends.

And spent some time helping mama get her classroom ready for the school year.

I went back to work and Kadyn started daycare. Those first few days were tough!

We had our final lake day of summer.

We found out that we were going to be welcoming another sweet nephew in February.

Spent many Friday nights with Aunt Kelc.

And this boy discovered his love for food.

We took this boy on his first ride around the farm.

We took many trips to Jackson's Orchard for Apple Cider Slushes. Kadyn was a big fan.

Kadyn turned 6 months old.

We took family photos/Kadyn's 6 month photos.

Kadyn went on his first trip to the Zoo.

We celebrated Chase's 26th birthday.

Visited with my grandparents.

And Kadyn celebrated his first Halloween.


We put up our tree together as a family at the beginning of the month. This was always one of my favorite traditions as a kid.

Spent some time with Uncle Keaton.

And Kadyn celebrated his first thanksgiving.

We took Kadyn to see Santa for the first time.

Survived the days leading up to Christmas break at school. I don't know what I would do without these girls!

Celebrated our first Christmas as a family of 3.

And our sweet boy finally got this whole crawling thing down.

WHEW! That's a wrap on our 2019! We can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for our little family.

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