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Happy Wednesday sweet friends! Hope y'all are having a great week! I go back to work a week from today so I'm currently feeling all of the emotions about having to take my baby boy to daycare (insert crying emoji here). I know he'll be in great hands, but leaving him after being home with him everyday for four months is going to be so hard on my mama heart. 

Anyways...since I've been on maternity leave I have been Priming stuff like crazy and thought it would be fun to share my prime finds with y'all. I know that I love seeing what other people find on Amazon.  I have a mix of clothing, swimwear, books, and baby items to share with you all today.

My outfit is head to toe Amazon Prime. These leggings are my absolute FAVE. I ended up buying them in both this color and the pink color below and will probably end up buying them in a few other colors. They are seamless, so comfy, squat proof, and under $25.

Same leggings, different color. I have been wearing both pair non-stop since being on maternity leave.

 Our sweet boy loves this Baby Gym!

At out last appointment our pediatrician mentioned that Kadyn was getting a slight flat spot on the right side of his head. He has preferred to sleep on this side since he was a newborn and it has been so hard to get him to lay on his left side. I've switched his position in his bassinet and have been doing tons of tummy time to try to help, but my friend mentioned she got this  Baby pillow 
for her little boy and after getting one myself and using it I really do think it has helped!

We have been working on transitioning out of the swaddle and into a sleep sack so I ordered Nested Bean Sleep Sack , and we like it pretty well so far. It claims to help with sleep, but I honestly haven't seen a difference.

We are obsessed with this Milk Frother. It has been a total game changer when it comes to our coffee.

I ordered this Milestone Blanket right after Kadyn was born so that we could document each month.
I bought this tee before our trip to 30A.

I ordered this book shortly after Kadyn was born too and I was so thankful that I did, especially during those first weeks. I can't recommend this book enough for all the momma's out there.

I also purchased this swimsuit for our 30A trip and love it so much. It is so flattering, and is also nursing friendly!

 We used these swaddles for a little over three months and absolutely loved them! If Kadyn hadn't outgrown them then we would probably still be using them. My only complaint is having to take them off for diaper changes.

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