Bump Update - 20 Weeks

It's so hard to believe that I am already halfway through this pregnancy. We had our 20-week ultrasound yesterday, and seeing our sweet boy was so surreal. Sometimes it feels like the weeks are going by so slow, but then in some ways it seems like time is flying by. Within the last few weeks I've finally started to get a noticeable bump, and I'm so excited. I feel like it's taken me forever to start "showing" and I couldn't be happier to finally have a little baby bump. ;)

People have been asking me if I've been feeling him move for the past few weeks, and l had honestly been getting a little discouraged because I hadn't felt him at all. I know it's still early and perfectly normal to not feel him yet at this point in pregnancy, but I've been anxiously awaiting those little movements. There have been a few times this week when I thought I may have felt little "flutters," but I wasn't sure. During our ultrasound on Wednesday he was very active, and my Doctor gave me some advice on what I could do to try to feel him move. On Wednesday night I finally felt him kick, and it was such an amazing feeling.

We started slowly, but surely working on his room a few weeks ago and I'm obsessed with how it's turning out. We did a DIY ship lap on one wall, and hung up the cutest light fixture. Within the next few weeks we plan on getting some of his furniture and making some more progress.

I have felt amazing during the second trimester and have had so much more energy than I did at the beginning of pregnancy. I'm so thankful. While I haven't been working out as much as pre-pregnancy, I have been trying my best to stay active. I'm taking an exercise twice a week, and have been trying to make it to the gym one other day to do some walking. I haven't had any big cravings yet, but have pretty much been eating what I want when something sounds good. 

Thank y'all so much for stopping by. I'll leave y'all with a sweet little profile picture of Baby Duvall.


  1. This is so exciting! You look so cute pregnant, and I love the sneak peeks of the nursery!

    1. Thank you so much Beth! It is such an exciting time for us. ☺️