Pregnancy Update - 14 Weeks

Chase and I announced last Saturday that we are expecting our first baby this coming April, so I thought it was time a share a little pregnancy update.

 I hadn't got around to sharing it on the blog until now, so if you don't follow my Instagram account and are just now finding out...SURPRISE! We are so stinkin' excited and thankful for this blessing. April can't get here quick enough.

Chase and I found out we were pregnant at the beginning of August, right around the time school started back for me. I remember everything about the day we found out. I came home on Friday after the first full week of school and I was EXHAUSTED. I had been so tired all week, and really just thought it was due to not being used to my school routine yet. I had already taken a test at the beginning of the week and it had been negative, but decided to take another just to see... and it was positive! There's nothing that can describe the feeling of seeing that positive test, SO many emotions. We had been trying, but I think both of us were still a little shocked. We went to dinner that night to celebrate. It was such a special day.

 We told our families and close friends a week or so after we found out, but kept it a secret from everyone else. It was so hard to keep it a secret, and it feels so good to finally be able to share the news and to be able talk about all things baby related with our friends and family. 

I'm 14 weeks as of yesterday, and can't believe that the first-trimester is already over. I've been very lucky and haven't had any bad morning sickness. I felt pretty nauseous most mornings during weeks 7-9, but never got sick so I consider that a win. However, I have been SO TIRED. After a day at school, I'm basically ready to come home and sleep all afternoon/night. I've been taking naps almost daily, and am usually still in bed by 7 or 8. I've been getting a tiny bit of energy back ,and am hoping to start fitting some gym time back into my weekly schedule.

We will be finding out the gender VERY soon, and as soon as we've shared with all of our family and friends I will share it with y'all!

That's it for today y'all!


  1. You and Chase will be the most amazing parents! I can’t wait to be an aunt! 💜

  2. So so fun! I’m so excited to read all of your baby posts!

  3. Congrats! I wish you and baby all the best.

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