Gatlinburg Girls Trip

Hey friends! It's so hard to believe that I haven't written a blog post since the end of July. Since school started back in August I've just had no motivation to work on anything blog-related, and school life and grad school have kept me super busy. The pressure to "keep up" with daily posts can be exhausting and I let that get to me and stopped posting all together. However, I have missed this little space and community SO much over the last few months. I've received some of the sweetest messages from some of y'all checking in on me and I am just so thankful. Blogging and sharing bits and pieces of our life is something I truly love to do and I'm not ready to give that up just yet. My goal right now is to just be more consistent with weekly posts. 

With all of that being said..I'm SO excited to be back. Today I'm recapping a little fall break girls trip that I took with my best friend at the beginning of the week. Chase and I usually take a trip to Gatlinburg every year. It's one of our favorite places to go, but we usually go around Christmas time. I've always wanted to go during the fall months, so when my friend Kelci mentioned going over fall break I was so excited.

We left late Saturday morning, stopped by McDonald's for lunch, and checked into our hotel around 5 that evening. We freshened up a little and then headed out to our first dinner destination, Taste of Italy.  I'm going to warn y'all ahead of time, but most of my pictures are of food. We ate SO. MUCH. FOOD. on this trip.

We wanted to try something that neither of us had ever been to before, and this place did not disappoint. We both had the Chicken Parmesan, and it was so much food, but so good. We realized afterward that we should have shared a plate instead of getting our own.

After dinner we drove back to our hotel and then headed out to explore a little. We stayed downtown and were able to walk pretty much everywhere, which was so nice! We walked around our favorite little area, The Village, and got some dessert before heading back to our hotel and calling it a night.

On Sunday we had big plans to go hiking, but our first stop was breakfast at The Pancake Pantry. We had breakfast hear every single morning, and it was SO good. The Pancake Pantry never disappoints. I had the Chocolate Chip Pancakes on this morning and they were delish. 

We took a little pit stop on the way to look at this overview. It was gorgeous!

Our first hiking destination fell through, and so we decided to hike Chimney Tops Trail. I hiked this trail last year with Chase, my SIL, and BIL, and said I would never do it again because it was rough. I guess I learned to never say never. 

Ready to get our hike on.

A little action shot of Kelci. 

It was even harder than I remembered, but after what seemed like forever we made it. The view at the top was so worth it.

We were so happy to finally make it to the top. 

We were a little excited once we made it back down the mountain too.

After our hike we drove back to the hotel and walked over to Fannie Farkle's for a corn dog. This was probably the best corn dog I've ever had, the picture doesn't do it justice at all. We took them back to our room to eat and relaxed for a little while. I ended up taking a little nap, and when I got up it was time to start getting ready for dinner.

We stopped to snap a pic on our walk to dinner.

We had called ahead to reserve a spot at The Peddler Steakhouse. We had called the night before and there has been a 2 and a half hour wait so we called extra early to get our names in. This was probably my favorite dinner spot from our trip. The steak was so good.

After dinner we walked back the room to change into something a little more comfortable and then spent some time walking around downtown. We had dessert again, and sat in The Village while we ate.

Monday was our "shopping" day. We walked to breakfast at The Pancake Pantry, and then drove to the Outlet Mall in Pigeon Forge. 

We didn't find much shopping so afterwards we stopped to play a little mini golf.

We had an early dinner at No Way Jose's Mexican Cantina, and then walked around downtown for a bit. 

We spent some time enjoying our last night in The Village, and ended up grabbing milkshakes for dessert, but they weren't the best. We had plans to meet up with some of Kelci's family later that night to go haunted housing so we went back to the room for a bit to pack some of our things.

We met up with her family and had the best time going through Ripley's Haunted Adventure. It was probably the funniest haunted house experience I've ever had.

We were up early Tuesday morning to hit up The Pancake Pantry before checking out of our hotel. I had the Apple Walnut Crepes and they were the perfect choice for our last meal there. We stopped by the Candy Kitchen and The Donut Friar before going back to the hotel to check out. 

Leaving was so bittersweet, but we had the BEST time.


  1. I'm SO glad to see that you are back! Have you ever eaten at the Apple Barn? It's a family style restaurant with a gift shop and bakery. They have a big front porch that overlooks the river/creek. It's one of my favorite stops. I'm really enticed by The Peddler Steakhouse and will have to remember it for future visits!

    1. Thank you! It feels so good to be back! I haven’t ever been to the Apple Barn, but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve heard great things about it. We’ll have to put it on our to do list for next time. The Peddler was so good! I can’t recommend it enough.