Happy Monday y'all! We've been home from our 30A vacation for a little over a week and I'm finally getting around to recapping our trip. Chase was off last week, so I spent the week soaking up time with him before he heads back into work today. I'm so excited to be sharing all of the details from the first part of our trip today!

We left for the beach at around 7 on Sunday morning and checked into our condo at 4 that afternoon. It took us about 8 & 1/2 hours to get to 30A, but we stopped by Publix to grab a few groceries for the week before we checked into our condo. We usually get a few snacks and stuff for sandwiches to take to the beach with us. We try to only eat out for dinner each night.

  Our condo was located right in the middle of a little town called Seacrest, which is right in between Alys Beach & Rosemary Beach.

We checked into our condo, spent a little time relaxing and getting ready before heading out to explore a little. We walked around Seacrest a little and then made our way to Rosemary. Rosemary was just a few steps from where we were staying, and it is the cutest little town. This was our 3rd time visiting 30A and the Rosemary/Seacrest area is one of our favorite spots.

This was our view while walking into part of Rosemary. This is right across the street from the town square.

I gorgeous is this hotel?!

We finished up our night with Pizza at Pizza by the Sea for dinner. It was so delicious that I didn't remember to take a picture until we were finished. After dinner we went to bed pretty early after a busy day of traveling.

We were up bright and early Monday morning ready for our first day on the beach...but first, COFFEE. We ended up walking over to Rosemary for coffee at Amavida Coffee every single morning. This little coffee shop was located right on the square and the coffee was amazing.

After coffee we packed our beach essentials (umbrella, chairs, cooler, etc.) and headed to the beach. The beach was just a short walk away and on this day we decided to just walk. On our previous two trips we walked and it wasn't bad at all. However, we've accumulated more "beach stuff" over time and after lugging everything to the beach on this day we decided there was no way we were going to be doing that all week.  (On day 2, we figured out how to use the tram service that Seacrest Beach offers, it's SO easy, btw) and never looked back. I'm not sure why we didn't take advantage of this service sooner?!)

Does it really get any better than coffee and a good book on the beach?! I finished two books on vacation and while they were both good, this one was BY FAR my favorite. I can't recommend it enough.

We were so happy to be back in our favorite little spot and had the BEST first day on the beach. After a full beach day, we headed back to our condo and spent a little time lounging around before getting ready and heading to....

SEASIDE for dinner. Seaside is another one of our favorite spots to visit on 30A. We usually got at least twice during every trip. On this night we didn't get to Seaside until around 6:30 and spent about 30 minutes circling the parking lot before we found a spot. 

We had heard great things about The Great Southern and were so excited to check it out. There was a 2 hour wait, and we decided to go ahead and wait. We walked around the square for the a little while and then found a spot to sit. We didn't get seated until almost 9:00, but we ended up being SO glad that we decided to wait it out. It was hands down our favorite place we ate at all week long. We will definitely be going back on our next trip.

That's it for today y'all! I'll be recapping Days 3 & 4 on Wednesday!
Hope y'all have the best week!

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