Friday Favorites

Happy first Friday of summer break y'all! It's been a while since I've done a Friday Favorites post, and I'm excited to be linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to share some of my favorites from here lately.
I've only mentioned it one hundred times over on my Instagram page, but it's worth mentioning again. I'm officially on summer break and I'm SO excited for all of the fun summer days ahead. As a teacher, the "carefree" days of summertime are my favorite.
I picked up this cute little journal a few months ago at TJ Maxx, and have been using it during my morning quiet time. I just couldn't pass it up with the name of my blog on the cover. ;)
 After reading my bible and devotional, I just take a minute or two to write down a list of some things that I'm thankful for (one of my favorite bloggers suggested this and I thought it was such a great idea). Sometimes they're small things, like a warm cup of coffee, but I feel like doing this has helped me to have a grateful heart for and find joy in some of the everyday things that I often take for granted.This has become one of my favorite parts of my quiet time routine.
On a lighter note... Have any of y'all tried this La Croix Sparkling Water? I picked up the Cherry Lime flavor at Target a few days ago and I'm LOVING it. It will definitely be one of my favorite drinks this summer.
Kimonos have been one of my favorite clothing items here lately. I just love how you can throw them on with just about anything to "dress up" your outfit a little.
We are heading back to our very favorite vacation spot in just two short weeks and I can hardly contain my excitement. We had been thinking about going somewhere different, but decided against it. 30A feels like "home" to us, and I see many trips there in our future.

Bath & Body Works is currently having their Semi-Annual Sale, which means one of my favorite candle scents is on MAJOR sale. This candle is a dupe for the Capri Blue Volcano Candles, and I love love love it. You can find it here.
That's it for today y'all.
I hope your weekend is the absolute best!


  1. Popping in from the link up - Hi! Love that fitting room outfit, I could use some fresh kimonos. La Croix is so tasty - I like the blackberry cucumber the best (pairs great with cucumber vodka, ha!)

    1. Thank you! I’m all about a cute kimono these days. I’ll have to try the blackberry cucumber next time! ☺️