Spring Break on 30A

Happy hump day friends! This is our first week back from Spring Break, and it seems like it's always extra hard to get back into a routine after some time off, so needless to say, I'm looking forward to the weekend. On the bright side, the sun has been shining all week long, which has made this week just a little bit easier.

Today I'm SO stinkin' excited to be recapping our Spring Break trip to Seacrest Beach. We actually went to Seacrest on our honeymoon and knew right away that it would be somewhere that we would try our best to come back to each year. Every time we go, we find ourselves talking about how much fun it will be to bring our future family here one day. It's hands down our FAVORITE vacation spot, along with all of the other little towns/areas on 30A. If you've never been, I can't recommend it enough.

Today's post is a little lengthy, so I apologize in advance..

We left Friday morning, and got a little bit of a late start, but after stopping at Chick-fil-A and Starbucks we were on our way. #priorities

Once we arrived, we checked in to our condo, freshened up a little, and we headed to Seaside (a little town a few miles away) to eat dinner at one of their food trucks. This was our view right outside our condo as we left for dinner. How gorgeous is that sunset?!

I snapped this picture while we were waiting in line at the Barefoot BBQ food truck. We had the pulled pork nachos and they did not disappoint. SO good y'all. 

We were up pretty early on Saturday,and spent some time walking around Seacrest. They have a little donut shop in town so we stopped there for some coffee before making our way to the beach. 

The water was so clear and the weather was absolutely perfect during our trip. I mean... I could definitely get used to this view. This picture makes me want to pack up and head back to the beach ASAP.

We got all set up, and I had all of my "beach essentials" ready to go....A cute beach bag, pineapple, and my nook and I was set. There's nothing more relaxing than reading on the beach.

After spending most of the day on the beach, we decided we were ready for a late lunch, and headed back to our condo to change before walking to town to eat. I just love vacationing with this guy. ;)

Not a bad view on the walk back to our condo....

We had the BEST lunch at La Cocina Mexican Grill. We ate here the last time we were in Seacrest and had to go back because it was so good. Chips, salsa, guac, and fish tacos on the beach...can it get any more perfect?

After lunch, we changed back into our swimsuits and spent some time at the pool. There weren't a ton of people staying at our condo so we had the pool to ourselves. I spent some time reading, and then we headed back inside to take naps before getting ready for dinner.

We were still pretty full from our late lunch, and weren't quite ready to eat dinner so we drove to Seaside and spent some time shopping and exploring there. Seaside is one of our favorite little towns to visit on 30A and we ended up going pretty much every night. They usually have live music, or something going on for families each night, along with shopping, and a ton of restaurants to choose from.

Seaside's food trucks are some of our favorites. We've only tried three of them out so far, but will try them all eventually. 

Seaside also has the CUTEST little post office...I mean everything about this little town is perfect.

We finally worked up an appetite and ended up picking Angelina's Pizzeria for dinner. We hadn't been here before and it was a hit. We will definitely be going back.

I didn't take any pictures on Sunday morning/afternoon, but we spent most of the day at the beach, and a little bit of time at the pool before getting ready for our last night of dinner and exploring. 

A sweet lady noticed that we were struggling to get a decent picture and offered to take a photo of us, but the light just wasn't working with us, and this is the best we got. We spent Sunday evening walking around Alys Beach before heading to dinner. Just like Seaside and Seacrest, Alys beach is the cutest little town and it was only a 1 minute walk from our condo.

There's never a dull moment when this guy is near. ;)

We had dinner at the Steamboat Grill, and it was one of the best meals we had on our trip, which is saying a lot since everything we ate was pretty good. When we got to the restaurant there were literally no cars in sight, and we actually started the car back up to leave, but decided to give it a chance and we're so glad we did. About 10 minutes after we ordered it was PACKED. This will definitely be added to our list of places to go back to. 

After dinner we headed to Pier Park in Panama City (it's about a 10-15 minute drive from 30A) to get my favorite...Marble Slab. We never go to this area without making stop at Marble Slab, and it was just as good as usual.

We went back to our condo, changed into our comfy clothes, and spent the rest of our night walking around Seacrest and Rosemary Beach, which were both right around the corner from our condo. This picture of the little town in Rosemary Beach doesn't do it justice, everything in this little area is gorgeous.

We were up bright and early on Monday to grab some Five Daughters Donuts in Seaside before hitting the road and making our way home. Five Daughters is one of my FAVORITES, and if you've read my blog for a while you know that every time I visit Nashville I have to stop there. I was pretty ecstatic when I saw that they had just opened one in Seaside.

That's our trip y'all... Our trip was pretty last minute because with Chase's work schedule he doesn't get a ton of time off and when he does get time off he may not find out until just a few weeks before hand. We almost didn't go because we had a hard time finding a place that was available, but we're SO thankful we went and for all of the memories we made. It went by WAY too fast, and four days away was not enough, but knowing we'll be going back to the beach this summer makes it a little easier. 

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!!

  2. Where do you stay? I’ve never been there or anywhere near that area. I wouldn’t know where to look!

    1. We stay in Seacrest Beach! I always find our condos on VRBO or Airbnb . ☺️