Weekend Recap

Happy Monday y'all! I hope you had a great weekend! We had a snow day today, which means I'm at home sitting by the fire, watching HGTV, and trying to catch up on some blogging before going back to school tomorrow. While having an unexpected day off has been nice, this girl is just ready for sunshine and warm weather to stick around for good.

Here's a little recap of our weekend...

Friday I had big plans to come home from school and clean the house up so that I wouldn't have to worry about it on Saturday morning. I ended up coming home and taking a nap, picked up Sonic for dinner, and spent my night on the couch watching Fixer-Upper re-runs. #priorities

Saturday morning I slept in a little, and by sleeping in I mean I got up around 7 or so. When you're used to getting up by 4:30 through the week, 7 actually seems pretty late. I spent my morning cleaning up the house, and then had some quiet time before Chase got up. Slow, quiet mornings like this are my absolute favorite.

I made some breakfast once Chase woke up. We got in a few episodes of Chicago Fire & Chicago PD, and then Chase went to his dads for a while. I went through my closets and put up most of my winter clothes, and hung up some of my spring/summer clothes. Apparently it was too soon. ;)

Saturday night Chase and I went out for "date-night." We stopped downtown to get coffee at a local coffee shop before heading off to do some shopping. 

I would kill for a cup right about now... ;)

After coffee, we hit up TJ Maxx, and I ended up finding a few Rae Dunn pieces to take home with me. Our next stop was the mall, and I'd say that trip was pretty successful too. Bath & Body works had their candles on sale so you know I had to pick one of those up, and I had a coupon for a FREE (yes,free) pair of jeans at American Eagle that expired soon, so I picked out my free pair of jeans and a few tops.

After we finished shopping we headed to dinner. I got fish tacos, and they were AMAZING. We were home by 9, and managed to fit in a few episodes of Blue Bloods before going to bed. 

On Sunday morning we went on our usual Starbucks run before church and had lunch at Panera before going home. I think this is the first Sunday in months that we didn't go on a Target run. Sunday afternoon was rainy and we spent the rest of the day napping and watching our favorite shows on Hulu.

That's it for our weekend. Have a GREAT week friends!

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