Weekend Recap - Valentine’s Weekend

Happy Monday y'all! I hope you had a great weekend. I'm starting my Monday morning off with two of my favorite things: Five Daughters' donuts and coffee. :)

Today I'm feeling extra thankful for another 3-day weekend, but I have a feeling I'm going to be in for a rude awakening when I have to go to work next Monday...If only every weekend could be this long. As usual, I'm sharing a little recap of our weekend this morning. Our weekend was filled with a good mix of fun and plenty of "lazy time" too. 

On Friday I went to town with my mom to run a few errands, eat dinner, and do a little shopping. I found a few Rae Dunn pieces that I had been looking for at TJ Maxx, and picked up some new makeup at Ulta because I had run out on Friday morning.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to head to Louisville with my momma. She is redoing her kitchen and had a few errands to run that morning and had asked me to go with her.
After errands, we had lunch at Carrabba's (one of our faves), and then headed home. It was cold and rainy, but we had no idea it was supposed to snow.  We ended up driving through a "snow storm" on our way to eat and on our way home. Thankfully, once we got closer to home, everything had turned to rain.
I had sent Chase to pick up our Click-List groceries on Saturday afternoon since I was hanging out with my mom, and we ended up getting home around the same time. We spent the rest of our rainy Saturday napping and watching Blue Bloods on Hulu.

As usual, we started our Sunday off with Starbucks and church.

Since we didn't get to spend Valentine's Day together due to Chase's work schedule, we had plans to head to Nashville after church Sunday.

Our first stop was lunch at Edley's BBQ and it was AMAZING y'all. We will definitely be going back soon. 

After lunch we headed to 12th South to do a little exploring. This is my favorite little area to visit when in Nashville.

And y'all know I can't go to 12th South without stopping by Five Daughters. Their donuts are pretty much life changing. ;)

I love days spent exploring with this guy. 

Since I was still full from lunch I got two donuts to go. Chase isn't big on sweets, so he didn't want anything.

I had Chase snap a few "outfit pictures" for me to post on Instagram because #bloggerlife.
We took our donuts to the car and spent an hour or so just walking around because it was gorgeous outside. It felt like spring and I'm hoping the warmer weather is here to stay.

Once we were done exploring, we headed to the mall to do some shopping (I did all the shopping, and Chase was a trooper). 
We ended our day in Nashville with Starbucks for the drive home.

Sunday evening we had leftovers for dinner and spent the rest of our night watching Blue Bloods. If you are looking for a new show to watch, you should definitely check it out.

Today I'm planning on spending my morning/afternoon with Chase before he heads to work and then I have plans with my sister this evening.

I hope y'all have the BEST Monday!

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