Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday y'all! I hope you're week is going well so far. I had a much needed four-day weekend (now turned five-day weekend thanks to more snow). Chase started working nights a few weeks ago and it has been an adjustment. I really haven't seen much of him except on the weekends because I'm asleep when he gets home and he leaves for work around the time I get off work. With my snow days and long weekend, I was able to spend a lot of extra time with him and I'm so thankful for that.

We found out that school had been cancelled on Thursday afternoon due to the possibility of severe winter weather. Since Chase has been working nights I've been going to town most days after work to workout/hangout with my sister so that's where I headed Thursday afternoon. Our intentions were to go the gym and then go get dinner after, but....we decided to forgo the gym and just grab dinner. ;)
After dinner we stopped by TJ Maxx so that I could do a quick search for some Rae Dunn (I've been buying some pieces here and there and it is quickly becoming an addiction). I didn't have any luck so we headed next door to Barnes&Noble looked around for a while before getting some Starbucks and sitting down to read some magazines. We used to "hangout" at Barnes&Noble all the time and haven't in years so it felt like old times.

Friday morning I slept in, made breakfast, and hung out with Chase before he went to work. We've been watching Blue Bloods and we fit in a few episodes before he had to leave.

I spent some time reading after he left. One of my goals this year is to read more, and I planned on getting a ton of reading done, but decided to catch up on my blog instead...

I have been in "blogging slump" since school started back in August and just haven't been able to make blogging a priority with all the time that work and my masters classes take up. I stayed up until Chase got home Saturday morning (at 2:30 am- I haven't stayed up this late in forever) catching up on some blogging and planning some posts and I'm so excited. I didn't realize how much I missed it, but I'm hoping that I can keep things a little more consistent from here on out.

I also spent some time Friday night making a Facebook Page for my blog, and I'm SO glad that I finally did this. I had been wanting to make a page to go along with my blog for a really long time and I really think the only reason that I hadn't done it was because I was so worried about what people would think.  My sweet husband has been my biggest supporter and has encouraged me to make a page so many times. I finally decided to listen to him. You can find my page here ( I would LOVE for y'all to like my page and follow along on there for updates about the blog).

I spent most of Saturday snowed in with these two. We watched Blue Bloods, ventured out of the house for a quick sonic run, and I stayed in my PJs all day long. It was perfect!

After being snowed in all day Friday and most of Saturday, we decided to take a little trip to Nashville after church on Sunday. We had lunch at the Flipside for the first time and it was even better than I had expected. After lunch we did some Rae Dunn hunting at TJ Max and Home Goods and then did a little shopping at Opry Mills before heading home.

Monday started out lazy. I did manage to put some ingredients in the crock-pot for a Mississippi Pot Roast

Around noon Chase headed to the gym so I cleaned up the house a little, and did a little more blogging. I'm attempting to get ahead and have all of my posts ready to go for next week when I'm back on a normal schedule. 

I asked Chase to stop by TJ Maxx after his workout and look for some Rae Dunn. When I called to ask him if he had any luck finding anything he said no, but he walked in the door 30 minutes later with 3 mugs. ;)

I got a notification on Monday afternoon that school was cancelled Tuesday due to more snow headed our way. My four day weekend has officially turned into a five day weekend, and I wouldn't be surprised if it turns into a week-long break because snow is still coming down as I type this on Tuesday morning. .  ;)

Monday night we  watched The Bachelor, and then stayed up late watching Blue Bloods with because #noschool.

That's it for our weekend. It wasn't very exciting, but I always love a few good snow days/lazy days.


  1. I love that Jesus Calling, and that New Old House magazine looks great!
    Do you guys have to make up your snow days or does your district forgive so many of them?

    1. I have been looking for a new devotional so I thought I'd look through that one and see what I thought. I liked it, but haven't purchased anything yet! I love looking at home decor and thinking about how I want to decorate my house one day. We have to make up all of them, unfortunately. How does it work in your district?