Shoe Steals

Hey friends, happy Tuesday! Is anyone else already counting down the days until the weekend? I'm struggling big time this week! There is a small chance of snow at the end of the week, and if I'm being honest, I'm hoping for a three-day weekend.

If you know me, or have read my blog at all, you probably know that shoes are one of my weaknesses. I love to shop for just about anything, but I just can't resist a cute pair of shoes. Today I'm sharing some "Shoe Steals" that are all under $35. Many of them are also "dupes" for name brand shoes as well, which is perfect if you're like me and have expensive tastes, but aren't willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair shoes.

BLACK MULES I purchased these mules at Target for only $23 over the weekend and am in LOVE. They are a dupe for THESE Gucci mules.

GREY SUEDE SLIP ON SNEAKERS - These cute sneakers are dupes for THESE Steve Madden sneakers and have been on my radar for a while now. I will probably end up purchasing them before spring rolls around. 

PALE PINK MULES - These adorable mules are currently on their way to me! I tried them on while in store and they were so cute y'all! They didn't have my size so I got online and ordered them right away. They will be perfect both now and this spring. They're dupes for THESE Steve Madden mules.

TAN OPEN TOE BOOTIES - These booties are dupes for THESE Vince Camuto booties and they literally look exactly the same. I definitely plan on getting these soon.

PALE PINK SLIP ON MULE SNEAKERS - These pale pink slip on sneakers are so cute y'all.  If you can't tell, I have a "thing" for pale pink for this spring. If I didn't already have two pairs of pale pink shoes, I would definitely be snatching these up.

PALE PINK SNEAKERS - I stumbled upon these a few weeks ago and was so excited. I had been wanting the Steve Madden version, but wasn't willing to pay $70, so I was pumped when I found these on sale for $25. They're SO comfy and of course I love the color.

LEOPARD MULE ESPADRILLES - I ordered these along with the pale pink mules and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I'll be sure to let y'all know how I like them when they come in the mail.

I'm wearing the first pair of black mules in this photo...

And the pale pink sneakers in this photo.

I'll share pictures of some of the others when I get them in the mail.

Have a good Tuesday!


  1. The tan open toe booties are my favorite! They look so much like the Vince Camuto ones!!

    1. I love them too! I can't believe how much they look the real deal!