October Goals

Happy Wednesday y'all! Weeks seem to go by so quickly when you're on a break, and this week is definitely flying by. I'm trying my best to take advantage of every minute I have off this week. In honor of it being the first week of October, I shared my fall home tour on the blog yesterday and today I'm sharing my goals for this month.

1. Clean out Closets - I plan on going through all of my clothes this week while I'm off.  I always switch out the clothes in my closets between seasons, so I'll be putting my summer clothes in our guest-bedroom closet and bringing my fall clothes into the closet in our bedroom. As I do this, I usually try to get rid of anything I haven't worn in a while and make a trip to Plato's Closet and Good Will afterwards.

2. Exercise at least 3 days per week- Since school started, I have really been slacking when it comes to finding the time to fit in exercise. I just don't have time to make it to the gym during the week, but I plan on doing some workouts at home a few days a week.

3. Stick to Whole 30 during the week, and allow for small cheats on the weekends - I stuck to Whole 30 pretty consistently from this past February until school started back in August. I've still been trying to eat healthy for the most part, but I can still tell a HUGE difference in how I felt when I cut out breads and other processed foods. Although I haven't got off to the best start with this goal (since it's fall break, I've been home and have gave in to Pumpkin Bread everyday), I really plan to start fresh on Monday and get back on track with Whole 30. I do plan on cheating a little on the weekends though. ;)

4. Blog 3 days per week - Since school started I've kind of put my blog on the back-burner. I really do enjoy it, but when I get home from work some days I'm just not "feeling it." I think if I do a better job of planning ahead and trying to get some blogging done on the weekends I can do better.

5. Read two books by the end of the month- I'm actually hoping I can read more than 2 books, but figured I would aim low. I spent my lunches reading this past school year and read at-least a book a week and realized how much I had missed reading. This year I eat lunch with my team so I'm going to work on making more time for reading while I'm at home.

6. Get back on track with reading my bible and doing daily devotionals- I have a little bit more on my plate this year at school and I don't have the extra time in the mornings for my "quiet time" that I had last school year. I feel like this is such an important part of my faith though and something I really NEED to make the time for each day.

I'll be back tomorrow sharing my Fall Bucket List.
I hope y'all have a great day.


  1. I love a good closet clean out!! It makes me seriously so happy to clean out and organize anything. I am trying to get back into the habit of doing a daily devotion too. It's so important and I need to make it more of a priority.

    1. I ended up cleaning mine out yesterday and it definitely felt good to get rid of some things and get my closet organized. :)

  2. Good luck with all your goals! I didn't do my devotional while traveling last week and I have to say it's good to be back to it!

    1. Thank you! I've been slacking with my devotionals for the past few weeks, but have done much better this week. It's crazy how much it changes my day when I make time to do it.

  3. Yes to cleaning out the closet and blogging 3 times a week! I just cleaned out some of my clothes and took them to a second hand store earlier this week. The last couple of weeks have been hard blogging. I've done a lot of posts in advance, but I feel so bad about not being able to read and comment on more people's posts. Work sometimes just gets so busy!