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Happy Monday y'all! I say it almost every Monday, but how is the weekend already over? This week at school we are kicking off Red Ribbon Week so we have a lot of fun "spirit" type days planned for our kids. These types of days are always the ones that I look back on and remember from when I was in school, and it's so much fun to be able to participate in all the festivities with my sweet students. 

One of my goals this month was to blog at least three days a week and I've been doing good to get in one post a week. October has been such a busy month at school, and I started my first Masters class last week so it's just been a crazy time around here. I'm excited to get my Masters Degree started, but it has definitely been a little bit overwhelming. Blogging is usually put on the back burner when I have a lot going on, and I always feel so guilty for not posting like I had planned to. I'm trying my best to plan ahead a little better and I'm hoping I can back on track this week.

Since it's been a while I'm sharing a little about what we've been up to here lately...

Last weekend I marked Haunted Housing off of my Fall Bucket List. Chase had to go to a bachelor party for one of his friends and I headed to a local Haunted House with some of my girls. We had someone take a picture of us and this was the best we got.

We started the weekend out right with a little Hibachi.

My sister and I went to the park to walk on some trails this past week and there were so many scarecrow displays set up throughout the trail. It was SO neat.

And a little creepy...

Lesson planning is always better with a bowl of candy corn by your side. ;)

I stayed in my PJs wayyy to long on Saturday and it was perfect. I drank my coffee, did some online shopping, and caught up on all the shows that I missed last week. 

Saturday night we went to my SIL's  house for dinner and spent some time out by the fire. It's finally starting to feel like fall around here and the weather Saturday night was perfect for sitting by the fire.

My SIL started selling LipSense and we tried out some new colors on Saturday. I am obsessed with this stuff. This was my lipstick at the end of the night, AFTER eating dinner and s'mores. 

Sunday consisted of church with this guy and lunch with my sister. I took my traditional Sunday nap when we got home that afternoon...

And made this yummy and easy s'mores dessert when I woke up. 

The rest of my day consisted of blogging, lesson planning, doing a few things for my class, and watching Chicago Fire with Chase.

I hope y'all have the BEST week!

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