Weekend Recap

Hey y'all! Happy Monday. I can't believe the weekend is already over. We only have three more weeks of school until we get a week-long fall break and I'm looking forward to a little break. We had one of the BEST weekends that we've had in a long time camping with our family by the lake. Today I'm sharing a little recap with y'all.

Friday afternoon we headed to Barren River Lake to begin a weekend of camping at Godstock with my sister, her fiance, and my brother. Our church puts on an event every year at the lake called "Godstock." Basically, everyone brings all their camping gear or rents out a room at the lodge. You can spend time with your family or participate in different activities during the day and our church has worship service on Friday and Saturday night and a morning of baptisms on Sunday. I went with a friend a few years ago, but this was our very first time going as a family and we had the BEST time. I'm hoping this will be a tradition for us from now on. :)

We borrowed a camper from my sister's step-dad, and it was all set up and ready to go for us when we got to the campsite on Friday.

We unloaded and headed straight to Friday night worship service. After the service we roasted some hot dogs over the fire and pretty much went straight to bed, we were all pretty worn out.

We had a lazy morning/afternoon on Saturday. We played the longest game of Uno ever, napped...

And watched Matilda. I hadn't seen this movie in forever, but it was one of my faves when a was a little girl.

We enjoyed the gorgeous weather. It was in the mid-seventies all weekend and it was perfect. I just love this guy so much.

SO glad my little brother joined us. 

I also loved the quality time spent with my sweet sister. :)

After Saturday night worship service we headed back to the camper for dinner. My sister's fiance grilled pork chops, hot dogs, and corn on the cob and we all hung out by the fire while waiting for dinner to get done.

And another, because it is RARE that we all get a picture together.

Just sitting by the fire enjoying the fall weather with my favorite guy.

We were up early on Sunday, and headed outside to make a few s'mores for breakfast. We got in a few rounds of Uno before getting ready to head to watch baptisms.

Headed to the lake to watch baptisms. 

We had to get on last picture in our "Godstock" tees before heading out.

I'm SO thankful for a weekend spent with this guy. This was only our 2nd time camping together and we loved it. Chase has been talking about purchasing our own camper ever since we left. ;)

We got home around noon, unloaded all of our camping gear, showered, and got ready to head out again...
Jackson's Orchard is one of our FAVORITE places to visit once fall is here, and it was the perfect way to end our weekend.

I had an apple cider float and homemade apple pie, and it was amazing y'all.

We tried to go to Jackson's a few weeks ago and they were closed that Sunday, so we were super happy that we finally got our apple cider floats.

After living in yoga pants and tees all weekend it was nice to put on some "real" clothes.

After Jackson's, I napped, make chicken tacos and guac for dinner, and we watched a few episodes of Criminal Minds.