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Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! These past few weeks have been BUSY and I honestly haven't had the motivation to blog with all the craziness that's been going on. The past week and a half has been filled with professional development meetings, getting my classroom ready, open house, more meetings, and opening day. I have one more meeting tomorrow morning and then school starts on Thursday. I'm so excited for a new school year and I absolutely cannot wait to see all of my sweet students on Thursday. 

Today I'm sharing a little bit of what been happening here lately..

I've been trying my best to soak up the last few days of summer.. Last weekend we went canoeing with my sister and her fiance. We live near Mammoth Cave National Park so we drove there and started in an area near the cave. It was my first time canoeing so I was a little nervous, but it was so much fun and the weather was perfect! We ended up canoeing a little over 12 miles and it took ALL day. Needless to say we were all so tired when we finally finished.

And of course our Sunday consisted of Starbucks, church, lunch with my sister and her fiance, and a little grocery shopping.

Chase had last Monday off work so he helped me do a few things in my classroom.

I've spent many hours here lately sorting books by grade-level for my classroom library. There were a lot of books left in the classroom that I moved into this year and my dad left me a ton of books from when he taught elementary school so I had probably  200+ books to level. I'm thankful for all of the books that I have for my students, but I'm so glad to be done with that task. ;)

I got my hair done last Wednesday and my hair stylist sent me this picture after I left. I couldn't believe how much it had grown since I cut it back in may. 

After all the meetings and early mornings last week I was SO ready for the weekend. Chase and I kicked off our weekend by having dinner with some friends in town. This buffalo chicken dip was amazing y'all. 

Saturday we spent the day out on the lake (I'm hoping for a few more lake days before summer is officially over). Chase's sweet cousin tagged along with us and we had the best time. She started her Freshman year of high school last week and it was fun to talk to her about all of her teachers and classes.

After we left the lake, we freshened up a little and headed to town to get Mexican food for dinner. Chips and Salsa after a day spent at the lake makes for a pretty perfect Saturday.

And we topped off our perfect day with snow cones from Pelicans after dinner. We just got a Pelicans this summer and it has been my go-to for a cold treat here lately. :)

Sunday was rainy and after church and lunch, we had a lazy day at home.

That's it for today! Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow I'll be sharing a little look into my classroom.
Hope y'all have the BEST day! 

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