Girls Day Out in Nashville

Yesterday my SIL and I spent the day out in Nashville exploring the city. We had been planning on doing a girls day in Nashville for a while and were so excited to spend the day exploring. She just finished up beauty school and has the rest of July off until she starts her new job and since I'm officially on summer break, this week ended up being perfect. 

Our morning started with breakfast at Five Daughter's Bakery. We'd both been wanting to try out their donuts for a while and were so excited to finally get to go.

The donuts did not disappoint.

After breakfast, we spent some time walking around 12th South.

There were so many pretty murals on the sides of the buildings on this street.

After 12th South, we went to the mall to do a little shopping. We did some damage in Sephora, and looked around at a few other places before heading to lunch.
We tried out The Pharmacy for a late lunch and it was SO good y'all. After lunch we were worn out so we headed home.

We had the BEST girls day.

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  1. Yum - what a great food day! You guys are so cute - sounds like a fun day together!