Show & Tell Tuesday: Prom Night

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday. We're sharing all about our Prom experiences. I had originally planned to blog about Part 2 of our Texas Trip today, but this link up was too fun to miss so I'll be sharing that with y'all tomorrow. You can read Part 1 here.
At our high school, Prom was for just for Juniors and Seniors, but underclassmen could go as dates. Since Chase and I were together throughout high school, we both just attended prom as Juniors and Seniors.
Chase and I had actually taken a short break during most of our Junior year, so we didn't go to Junior Prom together. I went with a bunch of my girlfriends. We all had dates, but I had a hard time finding those pictures.

Our prom tradition included going to eat with a big group of friends before prom. This year, a friends' parents had caterers come to their house and serve everyone dinner before prom.

I loved my prom dresses for both my Junior and Senior Proms. I think the back of my dress was my favorite part of my Junior Prom dress. :)

Chase and I got back together at the beginning of our senior year, and have been together ever since.
Chase's twin brother and his girlfriend (they actually just got married this past weekend) and Chase and I.

Chase's cousin is an amazing photographer. She did our prom photos, engagement photos, and our wedding photos. His sister got a little behind the scenes shot of her photographing us before prom. Unfortunately I couldn't find any of those professional photos. ;)

We met a group of friends downtown to take pictures, and then headed to our dinner reservations.

And I couldn't leave out this picture of my best friend and I.

Chase and I got married 4 years later. :)



  1. Your wedding picture is seriously so awesome!!! Love how pretty and flowy your junior prom dress was!

  2. I love your prom dresses! And of course, your wedding picture is beautiful!!

  3. Your dresses were so pretty! Love the sparkles!

  4. I really like both of your dresses. Very pretty.

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