Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday y'all! We had a MUCH NEEDED three day weekend. Our high school girls' basketball team made it to the state championship so last week it was decided that we would dismiss early on Thursday and would be off all day Friday so that everyone had a chance to attend the game. This three day weekend came at the perfect time, and now we are only three weeks away from Spring  Break! Today I'm sharing a recap of our super low key weekend.
I started off my Friday with a trip to town to run some errands. I stopped by Starbucks on my way home and spent the rest of my day relaxing.

It was so nice to spend my Friday catching up on some of my favorite shows and some reading. Friday night Chase and I stayed at home and started a new series. We are now hooked on Chicago PD.

Saturday morning I was up early to meet my mom at the gym. Friends was on and it was a great workout.

After the gym my momma and I had lunch. Chase and I had planned to go out on Saturday night but he wasn't feeling well so I picked up some food for dinner and we ended up staying home and having a lazy night in. Since the next SIX weekends are going to be busy for us, I was thankful for a lazy weekend spent at home.

I tired to get him to take a picture with me on Sunday morning before church and he obviously wasn't feeling it.

After church we went riding around the farm and it was SO COLD so after riding around for about 30 minutes or so we decided to call it a day.

But our view was gorgeous!

My father-in-law had two brand new baby sheep that we stopped to see and they were seriously the CUTEST little things.

We spent the rest of our night meal prepping, and watching Chicago PD. :)

Hope y'all have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend - gotta love those unexpected 3 day weekends! Fun fact - my cousin has done a little acting for Chicago PD. It's always so neat to hear about it. Even when he is not on the show he is working behind the scenes on it or others, so I always get excited to hear that people love it!

    1. That is so awesome! It has quickly become one of our favorite shows. Which character does he play?

  2. How awesome to have an unexpected 3 day weekend! Your meals look so delicious, too!!

  3. Love those unexpected long weekends! Do you have a book or use a certain website for meal planning? That's something I want to start doing to make the week easier :)

    1. Me too girl! Long weekends are the best. Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to meal planning. I usually just get on there and search for ideas. I'm kind of new to it as well. It definitely makes the week a little easier when you have lunch ready for the week. :)