Weekend Recap

Hey y'all! I can't believe the weekend is already over. I say it every Monday, but weekends just go by too stinkin fast! We had a nice, relaxing weekend and it was just what I needed. I'm starting to give up any hope that I had for a few more snow days. Last year we missed over two weeks of school due to snow and this year it's been in the 60s for the past month or so. KY weather is crazy. ;) Today I'm sharing a little recap of our weekend.

On Friday evening Chase had plans to go to a basketball game with some friends so I met my mom and sister at the gym. You know it's going to be a good workout when you walk in and Friends is already on.
After the gym, we went to Olive Garden for dinner and then I had to go pick up my bridesmaid dress for my sister-in-laws wedding.

Saturday morning, my mom and I hit the gym together.

After the gym we had lunch at one of our favorite places and it was SO good!

After doing a little shopping, we stopped by Riley's Bakery for some goodies. They had some of the cutest Valentine's Day treats.

Their tea cookies are THE BEST.

We stopped by Kroger on our way home to pick up a few things and couldn't leave without getting a Starbucks.

When I got home Saturday afternoon, Chase was napping (he hadn't been feeling very good) so I spent some time catching up on some reading and napping a little myself.

Saturday night I made some homemade guac and Chase and I started watching Hidden Figures on our fire stick. We got tired and ended up pausing it and heading to bed early.

Sunday morning Chase woke up still feeling pretty bad so we skipped church and had a lazy day at home. We spent the morning finishing Hidden Figures and it was SO good. The rest of our day consisted of watching Harry Potter, napping off and on, and soaking up the last few hours of the weekend.

I spent the rest of my Sunday night meal prepping for the week while watching the Super Bowl.

Have a great week!


  1. What a nice weekend! I'm so jealous you get to workout with your Mama and sister- we live way too far for that but that would help motivate me! Hidden figures was so good!! :)

    1. We definitely keep each other motivated! If I didn't have them I'd probably never make it the gym. ;) I loved it as well!