Weekend Recap

Hey y'all! Today I'm sharing a little recap of our weekend. It was SO nice to have a long weekend, thanks to the snow days that we had on Thursday and Friday, but I'm ready to get back to my normal routine.

My first snow day as a teacher was well-spent. I laid around on the couch all day shopping the Lilly sale, and watching Shameless with Chase (he's still on his holiday break from work). I got off of the couch long enough to make some Taco Soup.

After being cooped up all day, we went on a Sonic run Thursday night to get out of the house for a bit. The roads were clear when we left for town, but were covered on our drive home. I was excited because that meant Snow Day number two on Friday. :)

Friday morning I spent some time looking at some possible house/condo rentals for our beach vacation this Summer. The snow and cold weather has me dreaming of warm days on the beach. :)

We wanted to get outside and decided to go riding around the farm. That lasted all of about twenty minutes and we ended up coming in because we were both FREEZING. Friday afternoon we went to town to eat, and I did a little shopping while Chase went to the gym.

Saturday we went to my moms to celebrate her birthday. She made soup and we spent the evening playing games with the whole family. There's nothing better than family time.

Wishing a happy birthday to my sweet momma today! Love her so much. :)

Sunday morning consisted of church and Starbucks.

And our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch.

The rest of our Sunday was spent meal prepping for the week, hanging out with Chase's brother and his fiancĂ©, and watching Netflix before bed.

Have a good week y'all!


  1. Ohhh all those veggies look great. You should share some meal prep tips!!!

  2. They turned out so good! I will try to share some tips soon. :)