Fashion Trend Thursday

Happy Thursday! This first full week back to school has seemed SO long and has me completely worn out. I've totally already been slacking on m New Years Goal of getting in 4 workouts per week. I've only made it to the gym once this week and haven't worked out at home any. Our 3-day weekend can't get here fast enough!

Anyways...Today I'm sharing some of my favorite fashion trends from this week and my Patagonia vest is #1 on the list.

Chase got me this Patagonia vest for Christmas and I have been wearing it non-stop.
I wore it to church on Sunday with one of my favorite American Eagle sweaters, a blanket scarf, and my TOMS booties.

A little close up...

And I wore it to school on Monday with a flannel, black Pixie Pants, and riding boots.

 I love it because it can be dressed up or down. I've also been pairing it with leggings, my Sperry Duck Boots (or Hunter's), and an oversized sweatshirt or t-shirt, when I'm out running errands or just hanging out around the house.

And it's SO SOFT. :)

Speaking of duck boots (link above), mine have been on repeat here lately. Last weekend with all of the snow I just wanted to be comfy and keep my feet warm, and my duck boots, paired with leggings, and this monogram sweatshirt from Marley Lilly were perfect.

I love that duck boots can be styled so many different ways as well.

I also have this quilted pair. They're kind of an army green color, with a brown matte and I LOVE them.

Thanks for reading today! I'll be back tomorrow sharing my Friday Favorites!
Hope y'all have a great day!


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