Whats Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. How is it possible that Christmas is FOUR days away? Today I'm linking up with Shay for What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week
Sunday after church we had brunch at our favorite local café. We can't get enough of this place.

Monday night I made potato soup. Soup on a cold night is my favorite.

What I'm reminiscing about
I've been reminiscing about our weekend. We live about an hour away from Nashville and Saturday we went to the Grand Ole Opry House to see The Grinch Musical. It was SO good, and definitely put me in the Christmas Spirit.

After the musical, we walked next door to the Opryland Hotel  just to walk around and look at the lights. We started this tradition last year and plan to do it every year from now on. Aren't the lights just gorgeous?

I just love this man so much. :)

Here's a little throwback of us at Opryland last year.

After looking at the lights, we walked over to Opry Mills Mall to do some shopping and eat dinner. I can't visit Opry Mills without stopping by the Chocolate Factory and getting one of these delicious apples. Unfortunately after this picture my phone died. We had dinner at the Rainforest Café and then headed home.

What I'm loving
As of Friday afternoon, I was officially on Christmas break. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was so appropriate. I am planning to soak up every minute of this break. I'm so lucky to work in a profession that allows me to have time off to recharge and spend some extra time with my family.

What we've been up to
We've been filling our weekends with all kinds of Christmas fun.
A few weekends ago we visited Chad's Winter Wonderland, the lights were SO pretty.

This past weekend we saw the Grinch Musical at the Grand Ole Opry House, looked at all the gorgeous lights at Opryland Hotel, and did some shopping at Opry Mills. It was the perfect weekend and put me in the Christmas Spirit.

It went from 70 degrees on Saturday to 20 degrees and snow flurries on Sunday. Gotta love Kentucky weather. After church on Sunday, the hubby napped and I spent time drinking hot cocoa, watching Gilmore Girls, and wrapping presents. It's finally starting to feel like Christmas time around here.
What I'm dreading
Nothing at all, I have so much to look forward to for the next few weeks.

What I'm working on
I still haven't finished all of my Christmas shopping. Today my mom and I are heading to town to finish up our shopping. I just have a few small things left to get. :)

What I'm excited about
CHRISTMAS with my family.

What I'm watching/reading
I spent my first Monday of break blogging and watching all of my favorite Christmas movies.

I FINALLY finished this book last night. I started reading it over fall break, and had a really hard time getting into it.  I had been reading just a few pages here and there and I just wasn't feeling it, but yesterday I decided to just power through and try to finish it because I want to start something new and I'm so glad I did. Once I got to a certain point I couldn't put it down!

What I'm listening to
I've been listening to Christmas Music on Pandora non-stop.

This Christian Radio Pandora station is my favorite, and right now they are throwing in some Christmas Music here and there too.

What I'm wearing
We had our staff Christmas party last Friday at work and we all wore our ugly Christmas sweaters. I forgot to take an "outfit" picture, but I sent this picture to my bestie on snapchat to thank her for letting me borrow her ugly Christmas sweater.

I forgot to take an outfit picture AGAIN on Saturday, but I did manage to take a selfie with one of my favorite scarves on the way to Nashville. I've been wearing this scarf a lot here lately.

I tried my best to get a good picture of the outfit I wore to church on Sunday and this was the best I could do. I'm not sure why it's so fuzzy, and why my hand looks so bright, but at least I didn't forget to take a picture. ;)

I got this necklace in my Winter Fab-Fit-Fun Box and I'm in love with it! It is adjustable so you can wear it different ways and layer it with other necklaces as well. You can see in the two pictures above some of the different ways it can be adjusted.

Sunday afternoon was cold and snowy so I spent the rest of the day in my pjs.

And since Monday was a lazy day spent blogging and watching Christmas movies, it was only fitting that I wear this shirt. My mom bought this shirt for me last year because she knows Elf is my very favorite Christmas movie, and I LOVE it.

What I'm doing this weekend
I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family this weekend. I'm counting all of my blessings, and trying to focus on the REAL REASON for the Christmas season.

I've mentioned bible journaling before, but it has become my "happy place." Journaling during this Christmas Season has really helped me to keep my focus on what's really important.

What I'm looking forward to next month
I'm hoping for a few Snow Days next month. :)

My favorite memory from 2016
2016 has been a big year, full of so many changes and blessings. In 2016....

I graduated from college with my teaching degree.

 Married my best friend and moved out of my parents' house and into my first home with my husband.

And got my dream job teaching some sweet kiddos.
2016 is going to be hard to beat. :)
Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. There are so many things I love about this post! I've heard Opryland is so pretty at Christmas and the Grinch would be great to see! Your 2016 had so many big moments- I'm sure it will be hard to top!