Thanksgiving Break Recap Part 1

Happy Monday! I can't believe that Monday is already here, the holidays always seem to go by so fast. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and were able to spend time with your families. Today I'm sharing a little recap of the first half of my Thanksgiving break.I tried to make the most of every moment of my break. While in college, I worked retail, and spent my Thanksgiving and all of my weekends leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas working. I loved my job and work family, but I admit I would dread the holidays because I wasn't able to spend that time with my family. This was my first year in four years that I've not had to work during the holiday season, and I am more thankful for that time now more than ever. I made sure to soak up every moment of family time and I didn't it for granted like I used to. It is such a blessing to have landed my dream job right out of college, and to be in a profession that allows me to have time off during the holidays to spend with my family. I'm always thankful, but this past week I have really reflected on all my blessings. God is SO good!
After work Tuesday I headed to my moms to meet up before going to dinner for my little brother's birthday. I was SO happy to officially be off for the rest of the week and to spend some time with my family.
My "not so little" little brother. I can't believe he is 17!

A little close up of my outfit from that night. :)

I started my Wednesday morning doing two of my favorite things: Drinking Coffee and Bible Journaling.
This has become one of the most relaxing parts of my day.

After coffee, bible journaling, and an episode of Gilmore Girls, I got ready and headed to run some errands with my momma.
It was a cloudy, drizzly day so I pulled out my military jacket and duck boots, added a scarf, and called it a day. Cute and comfy is my favorite type of outfit, especially on a nasty day.

Thursday morning I was up bright and early, I started my day with some coffee,  and a few episodes of  Dexter with the hubby before heading to our first thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving number one was at my Aunt's. LOVE this guy. :)

My sweet big sister.

And another...

So blessed to have these guys as my siblings.

My sweet cousin.

After leaving my Aunt's, we headed to the cemetery to visit my daddy. This was our second Thanksgiving without him. I miss him SO much, especially around the holidays.

Thanksgiving number two was at my mother-in-laws. My momma and mother-in-law are neighbors, so they both cooked and we all met up at my mother-in-laws to eat. SO thankful for my all of my family.

LOVE my momma.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope y'all have a GREAT week!

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