Weekend Recap

Happy Monday y'all! I can't believe the weekend is already over. I hope everyone had a great weekend. These past few weekends have seemed so short, but I'm looking forward to a FOUR day weekend next weekend.
We started our Saturday morning off with a nature hike through Mammoth Cave. We live about 20 minutes from the cave, but we don't visit as often as we should with it being so close. It was such a relaxing morning with my favorite guy.
Here are some pictures from our hike:

All of the fall colors throughout the trail made it even more beautiful than usual. :)

Saturday night I headed out with my best friend, Kelci, and my sister, Kayla, for dinner and haunted housing. We had dinner at Shogun, one of our favorite hibachi restaurants and then went to the Hill of Terror haunted house. It was such a fun night with two of my favorite people. Unfortunately this was the best picture we could get.

Sunday afternoon we had Mexican food at El Maz for lunch, did a little shopping, and then headed to Jackson's Orchard on the way home for some of our favorite treats. This is one of my favorite fall traditions.

Love this guy. :)

I got their Apple Cider Slushie, which is one of my FAVORITE fall treats. Their Apple Cider Floats are also delicious.

We couldn't leave without picking up some of Jackson's homemade Dill Pickles and Apple Cider. I plan on making some homemade apple cider slushies with this.

Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today I'm linking up with Andrea , Erika , and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites. I can't believe the weekend is here. This week has gone by crazy fast, with a conference Monday-Wednesday and a crazy day at school on Thursday. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the anticipation of Halloween, but my kiddo were CRAZY yesterday. We have some fun planned this weekend and I'm so excited. I can't wait to read all your favorites from this week.
Here are some of my favorites from this week:

This Essie nail polish is one of my favorites this week. It's called Gala-Venting, and it is the perfect color for fall. Here I'm only wearing one coat. I think I actually prefer it with two coats so that it's a little darker.

This top is another one of my favorites from this week.

These are two of my very FAVORITE hair products. I put a small amount of each of these in my hair before drying it and they leave my hair feeling SO soft. I also use the Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner and I love everything about it, especially the smell.

Playing the Breakout Game was definitely a FAVORITE from this week. This one was in Chattanooga, but I plan on going to one closer to home very soon!

This pumpkin cheese cake was another FAVORITE from this week. Give me all pumpkin everything and I'll be a happy girl. :)

I hope y'all have a GREAT weekend!

2st Century Conference

Hello! I hope y'all are having a great week so far. I've been at the 21st Century Multistate Conference this week. I got home around noon yesterday and had the rest of the day to relax and rest. Today I'm sharing some information about my time at the conference.
I was really hesitant to go because being a new teacher I hated to miss three days of school. I also had mixed feelings about being away from Chase overnight for the first time. Since I had some co-workers going that I'm pretty close with I decided to go and I'm SO glad I did. I had a great experience.

We were up bright and early Monday morning for breakfast and to listen to our speaker. We had speakers at Breakfast and Lunch the first day as well as 3 breakout sessions where we got to choose what we wanted to go to. Our speaker for lunch that day was Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton and he was GREAT. I learned some great math strategies to use with my students during some of our breakout sessions. Unfortunately this is the only picture I have from Monday before we headed to dinner.

Tuesday the conference was basically a repeat of Monday with more amazing speakers and more breakout sessions. We skipped one of our sessions to visit with an art history exhibitor and paint these masks. This company was so neat and had many different types of artwork that correlate with different historical events that could be used in the classroom.

We started Tuesday night out right playing the Breakout Game. This was my first time playing this type of game and it was SO MUCH FUN. We escaped from our Island with about 4 minutes to spare. I texted Chase as soon as we broke out to tell him we had to try one close to home as soon as possible.

After "breaking out" we had the best meal at Firebird restaurant. This was our first time here and it did not disappoint. Parmesan crusted mahi, parmesan mashed potatoes, and pumpkin cheesecake. :)

These were the outfits I wore during both days of the conference. I was so thankful to be able to wear jeans and tried to pack outfits that were both comfy/cute. Sorry the picture quality isn't the best, I snapped both of these on the way out the door in the mornings.

We left the conference Wednesday morning and got back around noon.f It feels SO good to be home. I'm ready to get back to school tomorrow and to see my sweet babies.
Thanks so much for stopping by! XOXO

What's Up Wednesday

So I've been at a conference this week which is why I haven't posted, but I got back earlier than expected today and decided to go ahead and link up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday. I love link-ups and this is one of my favorites.

1. What we're eating this week

I've been at a teaching conference in Chattanooga this week so we've been eating out every night this week.

Last night I had parmesan crusted mahi with parmesan mashed potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. It was AMAZING.

2. What I'm reminiscing about

I've been reminiscing about our wedding day. It was a little over 4 months ago and I still day dream about how perfect of a day it was. I apologize for the picture overload. :)

3. What I'm loving
I just got home from my conference and it feels SO good to be home. I had a great time, but there is no place like home.

4. What we've been up to
I've been at a conference this week with some co-workers from school. This was my first conference so I was hesitant to go, but I had a great time and learned some great strategies that I can use in my math classes. We had so much fun hanging out and exploring the city of Chattanooga. I'll be sharing more details tomorrow. :)

5. What I'm dreading
I have my 2nd observation next Tuesday and it will be my first time being observed by our principal. I'm dreading all the stress that comes along with planning for this lesson, as well as getting observed. I will be a nervous wreck until after the lesson is over so I'm most definitely dreading it.

6. What I'm working on
I'm about to start working on my lesson plan for my observation next week.

7. What I'm excited about
I'm SO excited about the new episodes of Gilmore Girls coming out in November. I saw the trailer yesterday and I got a little emotional because I'm THAT excited. November 25th can't get here soon enough.

8. What I'm watching/reading

I've been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix for the past month. I'm trying to rewatch all of them before the premiere of the new episodes, and this just makes me more excited.

I bought the book The Girl on the Train on my nook this past Sunday so that I could read it when I got free time at the conference this week, BUT I left and forgot my nook at home so I haven't been able to start it yet. I was so bummed when I realized I had left it. I plan to start reading it sometime this evening and I'm super excited.

9. What I'm listening to

I've been listening to a lot of for King & Country lately. I've always liked listening to this band on Way FM. Joel from for King & Country came to speak to our church this past Sunday. Since then, I have been listening to them even more.

10. What I'm wearing
I wore this to a birthday party I went to this past Saturday. This is the American Eagle sweater in gray I mentioned in my Friday favorites a few weeks ago. I have it in 4 different colors. (Please excuse the bad picture quality. I had Chase take this and the lighting was a little off).

 I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. I LOVE this top. I bought it a few weeks ago at a boutique in our mall called Francesca's and it's now one of my favorite tops.

I wore these two outfits during the conference I was at this week.

11. What I'm doing this weekend
I'm not sure if we're going on Friday or Saturday, but one day this weekend I'm going "Haunted Housing" with my best friend Kelci and Chase.
Sunday I'll go to church and lunch with Chase and then head home for some lazy time.

12. What I'm looking forward to next month
I'm looking forward to so much next month. I don't even know where to start. The first weekend in November we have a 4 day weekend and I'm definitely looking forward to a few days off. I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITE holidays. I love getting together with my family and spending some quality time together. This will also be my first Thanksgiving married to Chase so I'm looking forward to starting some new traditions with him. The Gilmore Girls premiere is on Thanksgiving Break as well so of course I'm looking forward to that. :)

Bonus Question: Favorite Halloween Memory/Tradition
Some of my favorite Halloween memories include trick-or-treating with my parents as a kid, and having Halloween movie nights with my family as I got older. I'm hoping Chase and I can start some new traditions this year.

Weekend Recap

Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather here was cold and PERFECT. I love hoodie weather. My weekend consisted of a birthday party, a bonfire with friends, church and lunch with my husband and sister, some Sunday afternoon Gilmore Girls, and packing. I gave my blog a little update this weekend and I love it. I think I'm starting to the hang of this whole blogging thing.
I'm at a teaching conference in Chattanooga, TN Monday through Wednesday. I'm looking forward to learning about some new teaching strategies that will help me in my classroom, and hopefully getting to explore the city of Chattanooga a little bit. Since I'm not going to be home I'm going to take a little blogging break for a few days.  I will be back Thursday to share some details about my trip, as well as some of my favorite fashion picks with y'all .

Saturday afternoon my mom, Chase, and I headed to my little cousins 3rd birthday party. Chase was driving so he couldn't get in the picture with us. It was so good to get to see my baby cousin. She is just precious and is growing way to fast!

So sorry for the bad quality picture. I forgot to save any pictures from the night on my phone so I saved this one from snapchat and the quality isn't the best. Saturday night Chase and I had some friends over for a bonfire. The weather so cool and the bonfire was perfect. I just love sitting by the fire on cool Fall nights. :)

Sunday after church Chase and I ate at Olive Garden (one of our favorite places) and then headed to visit his mom before going home. I just love Sunday's spent with him. Sorry again for the fuzzy pictures. I'm thinking I need to invest in a new phone. ;)

We had to stop by Starbucks for one of my favorite Fall drinks (Salted Caramel Mocha) before heading to see his mom.

I hope y'all have a great week! I'll be back on Thursday. Thanks for reading.

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I don't know about you, but I'm SO glad it's the weekend. This week has been crazy, but good and I'm excited to start a fun-filled weekend. Today I'm linking up with Andrea , Erika , and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites. I'm new to the blogging world so I'm super excited to be linking up with these ladies, and I can't wait to read about some of your favorites from this week. My favorites this week are a little bit of a random mess but I'm excited to share them with y'all. 
First up I'm sharing some of my favorite fashion picks from this week:

These first two outfits are perfect to wear to school. I love mixing & matching different patterns and colors, as well as layering for fall. In both pictures I'm wearing Pixie Pants from Old Navy. They are SO comfy and come in a ton of different patterns and colors.

This outfit is a little more casual, but it's something I would wear on jean day at school. I'm obsessed with all things plaid and/or flannel and this top is PERFECT for fall. I only have about 100 plaid shirts, but this one just may be my very favorite right now. ;)
This OPI nail polish has been a favorite of mine for a few weeks now. It is perfect for fall.

These handmade wax melts and soap are another favorite this week. I picked them up last weekend while at Glendale Days and I'm obsessed with both. I put a few of the wax melts in my candle warmer this week and my house smelled like hot apple cider. I absolutely love fall scents. I got the soap in a few different scents and I can't get enough of the cherry almond scent I've been using.

Chase bought me this cup a few weeks ago from a shop on Etsy and it's my favorite. I love everything about it. It's my favorite color, has the cutest patterned decal with my new initials, and it keeps my coffee warm for hours.

Last up is my new favorite ice cream. I love all things coffee and after spotting this at Kroger on Sunday I had to try it out. Let me tell you what, it is SO GOOD. I've had some every night this week after dinner for a little treat and It's almost gone.