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June Amazon Finds

Happy Tuesday y'all! I don't know about y'all, but I've been doing allll the online shopping since quarantine started back in March.  Amazon is always on of my go-to's for pretty much everything, from clothes to household items, and even food. We usually have an Amazon delivery several days a week, but it has been even worse since we haven't been getting out as much as usual. I love seeing all of the cool things people find on Amazon and I thought it would be fun to start sharing my monthly Amazon finds with y'all so today I'm sharing everything we ordered during the month of June! 

1. Burt's Bees Baby Tee - These are my favorite plain t-shirts for Kadyn. He has this tee in both white and grey, and had outgrown them so I ordered him the next size up. For reference, wears a 24 month in this tee.
2. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Chase ordered these after losing his headphones, and he seems to really like them.
3. Dreft Stain Remover - Our favorite stain remover. We've been using this on all of our clothes since Kadyn was born and it works better than anything else I've ever used.
4. Milk Frother - My old milk frother stopped working a few months ago and I ordered a replacement. This makes such a huge difference for my morning coffee.
5. Women's Swimsuit - This swimsuit is TTS, full coverage, and so flattering!
6. Insulated Coozie - This was part of Chase's Father's Day gift. I figured it would be perfect for him to take to the lake on the weekends.
7. Baby Float - This is what Kadyn has been using on our pool days and he loves it. It's such a great price too.
8. Women's Sun Visor - I ordered this for pool/lake days and have been loving it so far.
9. Mesh Beach Bag - Probably my very favorite June purchase. This bag has SO much room and is perfect for pool days and lake days.  My exact color is sold out, but I linked a similar option.
10. Insulated Cup - Kadyn has the kids version of this cup and I love his so much that I had to order the adult version for myself. It comes with two different types of lids and has done great keeping my drinks cold so far.
11. Kids Cookie/Sandwhich Cutters - I just got these in the mail and haven't used them yet, but plan on using these to cut Kadyn's sandwhiches.
12. Building Magnets - Kadyn loves these magnets!
13. Kids Suction Bowls - These stick to Kadyn's high chair tray so well.
14. Honest Lavender Bubble Bath - Kadyn and I have both been using in our baths.
15. Toddler no-show Socks - Anyone else feel like they're always losing socks? I ordered this 20 pack for Kadyn.
16. Swim Diapers - We ran out of swim diapers last week. These are our fave.
17. Sort & Stack Cups - Kadyn loves these stackable cups!
18. Puddle Jumper - I ordered this hoping Kadyn would be able to use it in the pool this year. It a little big for him right now, but I think it will be perfect for him next summer!

Home Build Q & A

Happy Wednesday friends! I originally planned on doing one post sharing the progress we've made so far on our home, mainly for us to look back on in the future, but after getting some questions here lately, I decided to do two separate posts. One sharing the progress and one answering all of your home-related questions! Today I'm finally sharing a little home Q&A . I asked y'all last week on Instagram what types of questions you had about our home or the building process in general, and these are all questions you all sent me! A few of you have sent in messages with questions as well, so I tried to include those as well.

Q: How did you find your floor plan?
A: I had been looking on Pinterest for a few months trying to find the perfect floor plan for us, and finally came across one that had basically everything that we wanted. The floor plan needed to have a few minor changes to make it exactly how we wanted it, but the outside was perfect. We met with an architect back in November and I brought him copies of the plan I found and showed him what changes we wanted to make and he customized it to make it "ours."

Q: Is your home custom?
A: Yes! We customized our floor plan, and we are customizing every little detail to make it exactly how we want it. We've met with a cabinet company to design all of our cabinets and built-ins throughout the house, have picked our the flooring, tile, light fixtures, etc. This is the home we'll live in forever (it's on my husband's family farm) so we want it to be our dream home.

Q: Can you share your floor plan?
A: I will share a picture of the original plan we found on Pinterest and try to explain the changes we made! If you send me a direct message I can show you a more detailed plan!

This is the photo of the outside we showed our contractor, and ours looks pretty much the exact same, it's just flipped with the garage on the left side instead of the right side.

We reversed the original plan, which is why the words are backwards here. This is pretty much our exact floor plan, we just made a few small changes. On our floor plan, we changed the formal dining room to a bedroom so that we would have 4 bedrooms. We combined the two side-by-side bathrooms into one bathroom with a double vanity, took out the stairs & half-bath so we could extend the closet size in our master, and rearranged the mudroom/laundry area a bit.

Q: How is everything laid out?
A: Everything is very open! Our kitchen, living, and dining is one big room. Master is on one side of the house & "kid" bedrooms are on the other side.

Q: Are you doing granite counter-tops?
A: I've had a really hard time finding granite that has the look I want. I literally just want white counter-tops with a teeny tiny bit of grey mixed in. We will probably end up going with quartz or marble because those are the only types of stone that really have the look I'm going for.

Q: What are your cabinets going to look like? Color, style, etc.?
A: We will have white shaker-style cabinets with black hardware in our kitchen, and on our built ins, master vanity, and laundry room cabinets. We are doing something different in Kadyn's bathroom. I'm still undecided, but I think we are going to do a gray.

Q: Do you know what colors you are painting your walls?
A: I want to do Sherwin Williams Alabaster (it's a bright white) in our kitchen/ living, hallways, mudroom, and master, and Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray in the playroom, guest room, Kadyn's room & his bathroom.

Q: Are you all contracting everything out on  your own?
A: Yes! Although it's definitely been a learning process so far, we are literally learning as we go, we have already saved so much money just by contracting it out on our own and doing small things by ourselves.

Q:What is the best piece of advice that you would give to someone who is about to start building?
A: Be patient. Since we are doing the contracting on our own, I've definitely had to learn to be patient. Most people are usually several weeks out so it can be hard having to wait for each part of the process to get done. I know it will be worth it in the end though!
Also, be prepared for there to be hiccups along the way (but don't stress, because it will all work out and most things are an easy fix).

Q: Are you selling the house you live in now?
A:Yes! We live in a trailer (literally right in front of the house we're building) so we will definitely want to sell it and get it out of the way closer to move in time!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday sweet friends! As of yesterday, we are officially on summer break and I couldn't be more excited. It's definitely going to be a different kind of summer around here since we aren't able to get out and do as much as we normally would, but regardless, I'm looking forward to all of the outdoor summer activities with my little fam. Today I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers, Andrea and Erika and am sharing a few random favorites from this week...

Chase ordered us these fruit infuser water bottles, and they're definitely a new favorite of ours around here. I've been using mine daily and feel like I'm so much better about drinking water.


We've gone to the park several times this past week to walk. Park dates with this sweet boy and his daddy are my favorite.

Some of my favorite outfits that I've shared on Instagram this week.


I started using Tula products a few weeks ago and so far I'm really loving them. I have really sensitive skin and haven't changed up my skincare routine since high school so I thought it was time to try something new and so far I've been really impressed. I've been using their cleanser, toner, day & night cream, wrinkle serum, and brightening eye balm.


I bought this mickey tumbler for Kadyn a few weeks ago and we absolutely love it! It's insulated, so it keeps his drink cold while he plays and it is spill proof. He prefers to drink out of a straw, so this has been perfect. It comes in a lot of other patterns and colors as well!

That's it for today y'all.
I hope you have the best Memorial Day weekend!